The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.

Let’s unpuzzle your business so it feels easy to operate and fills the big vision for your life and impact.


Find Your Missing 5-Figures Today!

Its time to go on a business treasure hunt. Did you know that there are likely 5 to 6 figures hiding in your business, right under your nose? Operations doesn’t sound “sexy” but when you identify what operational component is keeping profits from you, you’ll quickly lust after these simple upgrades.

Take a deep breath.

You’ve finally found the answers and support you’ve been needing.

No matter the size of your business, we can streamline your operation for more money, time, and peace of mind.

Hi, I’m Mara Whitener, and I’m here to help you trade the excess stress for repeatable, predictable, and calm results.

Using my 20+ years of experience scaling and selling businesses plus in-depth tools like Human Design, I’ll unpuzzle your systems, team, and workflow to build you a fully-custom support system, engineered to bring your unique vision to life.

“Not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do is the secret to happiness.”

I believe that we all have a purpose to fulfill by using our unique gifts to help others. If your business is part of your mission and gift to the world, you’re in the right place. My gift is engineering and building the unique architecture for your one-of-a-kind business vision.

What’s yours?

You have the vision. You have the gifts. You have the mission. Now, let’s laser in on the best path forward to making it happen.

As the business operations puzzle master around here, I’m enthusiastically nerdy about pinpointing the exact missing piece in your operational puzzle that will ensure your systems and team run smoothly so you can make the visionary impact you’re here to make.

What most folks find “frustrating” about business is my idea of a good time.

Systems? S.O.P.s? Metrics? I love ‘em. Think of me as the yin to your yang. The structure to your wild ideas. The archer to your bullseye. I truly do this because I love it. After building, growing, and selling multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses over the last 20 years, I’m uniquely equipped to uncover the precise modifications that will create time and mental space for you, so you can take on more clients, save money, fill team gaps and focus on what you love most.

When I work with clients, I create a customized action plan for their business.

Your Vision Comes First

Most systems, team, and operations experts build from their expertise and ideas of what’s “best”. We don’t build that way. We build your business upgrade around your vision – what you love to do, what you like to do, and what you want to do. Because when you’re happy with how your day runs, and what’s on your daily & weekly task and to-do list, everyone wins.


We Put The Right People In The Right Places

I love to dive deep into who you are and who’s on your team. Is the structure of your team – the roles, talent, and communication flow – working for you? If not, I’ll pinpoint precisely what needs to be adjusted so it does. Finding these answers can create immediate relief for you and solve hundreds of problems before they even begin.


We Create Space For You So You Can Breathe Easy, Increase Revenues, & Enjoy Your Business

You didn’t build your business to feel trapped by it. You built it because you’re a visionary, a dreamer, a torch-bearer and an impact-maker! So I understand that helping you take a breath and get some freedom back will allow us to implement a long-term plan that works for you, for the future.


Nothing makes our heart sing like seeing other passionate entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. We’re obsessed with helping our clients do just that, and in a way that’s fully unique to them and what they want. From doubling and tripling revenues to saving $12K+ per year to plugging the gaps in a launch management process to ensure greater success (and no lost opportunities) – we’re always finding new ways to help our clients achieve their one-of-a-kind visions and dreams.

Are you next? 

Making your dreams real is what we’re most dedicated to.

“In the last few months of working with Mara, our revenue has increased 300%.’


“Mara is worth her weight in gold, and I mean GOLD.”

CJ Fowler

“l wish I found you three years ago!”



Start With A 1:1 Business Unpuzzling Session

Together, we’ll identify your #1 priority to upgrade your operation for less stress & more cashflow ASAP.

VIP Intensive: Map Your Custom Business Blueprint

Spend a few hours with me, and walk away with a customized business support & growth plan, tailored to your unique human design & vision.

Let Our Team Handle Your Operations, Management, & Systems Setup

We can customize a package to free up the time, energy, & mental space you need to propel your business forward, faster.

The Right People, Right Places Intensive

If your team is the biggest source of stress and frustration in your business, this in-depth evaluation is for you. Together, we’ll pinpoint the missing link that stands between your operation running smoothly and swiftly – and you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and disappointed in team performance, all while too much falls on your shoulders each day. 

In order to turn that around and effectively build the best dream team for your big vision, we have to start with structure. And, your operational architecture is upheld by the humans you work with. That means nailing this for the long-term requires the right people in the right places.

Together, we’ll prepare you to hire, reorganize, or upgrade your team for more ease & joy in your day-to-day workflow.


Why Has Your Business Growth Screeched To A Halt?

If you’re finding yourself constantly bottlenecked and feeling pulled in a million directions, it can be tough to step back and identify precisely what’s holding up your revenue from moving forward. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process I use with private clients to assess which area of their business needs the most attention to get more money rolling in, and asap. It’s totally free. Simply pop your email and name below and I’ll send it over.

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