Kind Words From Happy Clients

“Mara helped me grow 300% in a month and even more over the last several months, becoming one of the most valuable resources my team and I have ever had.”

Before working with Mara, I had allowed myself to get sucked back into the back end of things so much and I found my revenues dropping. I needed the space to be able to go out and sell and grow my business and get out of the back end of things and be the face of my business.

I had wanted to maybe shift some of my VAs into higher level positions, and I didn’t know, A, if it was the right fit, or B, how to prepare them for those bigger positions, like online Business Manager being one of them.

And that’s an operational position. I actually have a background in operations, but I didn’t have the capacity to be training this person to do what I need them to do. Not if I want to still concentrate on moving my business forward, on selling, and on growth.

What I thought was going to be Mara coming in and just helping me train this person ended up being a deep dive into my team and getting the right people in the right places. 

Mara quickly recognized their strengths, their weaknesses, and how we all complement each other and can work together to grow faster and to ultimately make more money faster. That was going to allow me to step into my role as a CEO fully, and get out there, sell my business, network, and do the things that bring business in and grow the company. The thing that I was telling other people that they needed to do, I needed to do that too. 

As a result, I was able to have one of my overall best months ever, to grow 300% in a month, and even more over the last several months from working with Mara. There are literally NO words to encompass the magic that is Mara. In less than a year’s time she has become one of the most valuable resources my team and I have ever had. She has helped us to create organization where there was chaos, create better team and client experiences, and accelerate our growth, both personally and professionally in the short time we have worked with her. 

I hesitate to share just how amazing she is because I want to keep her all to myself 😜 but I know that the rest of the world also needs to experience that magic too, so Mara, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you have and to continue to do for me and for our team, cannot wait to see where we go from here and everyone else. If you have an opportunity to work with Mara, you should jump at it, it will change your business and your life.”

Lori K.

“Streamlined in a way I never dreamed possible. " Was a game changer for me!

Working with Mara over the last 2 years has been amazing!  While I was slow to let go and embrace some of the changes, once I did it was a game changer for me! 

She developed an entirely custom new timekeeping system for my team and has streamlined my operations in a way I never dreamed possible.  She is my first call when I have any issue arise with my business as I have come to rely on her judgment and advice on everything! 

She is amazing!!!!!  I cannot imagine doing business without her anymore!

Debby T

“Mara is worth her weight in gold, and I mean GOLD.”

I was referred to Mara a year ago and shared with her my accounting and detailed procedures and needs. That side of the business was not being handled very well.

She came on board, revamped my accounting procedures, and was able to identify other areas of my business that could use some improvement. Her very professional service was overwhelming.

She’s very dedicated, a true professional. She is a perfectionist, totally loyal, and super dependable.
Mara has helped me get control to the point that we can work together remotely or hands-on which I would have never dreamed could happen.

She has simplified, computerized, and organized all of my accounting, payroll, financial systems and now even my marketing efforts to the point I can’t even believe it. I say she’s worth her weight in gold and I mean gold in capital letters GOLD!!  I can’t imagine how I ever operated without her.

Carol F

“I wish I found you three years ago.”

“I wish I met you 3 years ago, I’ve been asking around, please get me someone. Even in my Mastermind they said, “Happi just get someone to do your laundry.” No, I need someone that gets me, someone next level. Your presentation resonated with me, I’ve been looking for these types of conversations for awhile. I’m pleased to have you on board. It’s evident that you share my vision, and I’m excited that we’re journeying together. This is where I’ve wanted to be.”


“Mara is worth her weight in gold, and I mean GOLD.”

CJ Fowler

“Streamlined in a way I never dreamed possible. Was a game changer for me!”

Debby Teague

“l wish I found you three years ago.” 


“Mara knew I needed an admin person before I jumped the gun to hire a Nurse. She helped me a ton!”

I originally reached out to Mara for business strategy help. I am a new business owner and have lots of questions on how to do a lot of different things. I am at the point where I need to hire people to help with different things, from admin to nursing.

Mara quickly knew what I first needed was an admin person before I jumped the gun to hire a Nurse. If it wasn’t for Mara I would’ve done the complete opposite. She helped me strategically strategize and she was a separate set of eyes that helped me make the right decision. I am extremely glad Mara helped me and was as blunt as she was. So glad I met her she has helped me a ton!

Melissa U

“Mara is the real deal.  What she does is magic….”

Mara is a business wizard. By some kind of magic, she can take all of your business processes and transform them into a streamlined system. As a business owner you are never “off the clock”,

Mara teaches you to manage how you think about your business. While she doesn’t make your business worries completely disappear, she has a knack for prioritizing your business needs and leading you to where you need to go. Simply by listening to how your business works, she can make personalized business strategies appear. Mara’s words are powerful and strategic, yet she speaks in a way that is calming and efficient. And while what she does is magic, there are no smoke and mirrors needed. Mara is the real deal.


“We accomplished more in 4 hours together than what I have in a few months with previous coaches.”

“Every single business owner in here needs to meet with Mara. She might be what’s missing for your next growth steps!! We hired her to sift through our business to find the gaps and show us our next steps as a company. Accomplished more in our first 4 hours together than I have with previous coaches in a few months. And if you have friends who own businesses – send them to her too. Her services are extremely reasonable for the value you get.


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