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So let’s assess if your team is costing or contributing more to your success

Inside this



The TWO top reasons I see team members costing businesses big money and interfering with continued growth

My favorite questions to ask when it’s time to get honest and evaluate if it’s time to train or replace a member of your team

When to trust your gut and analyze if its signals are correct in telling you that a team member isn’t measuring up to what you need

Are they costing more than they’re contributing?

You deserve a team that allows you to accomplish your role in peace, and takes things off your plate to make your job easier. Is it time to assess and replace your team members ?

Is Your Team Costing You Money?

For Visionary Business Leaders, Founders, & CEOs

Inside, you’ll learn the two biggest reasons I typically see team members interrupting business growth and costing you money. I’ll also share simple ways you can start evaluating your team performance so you can make a confident decision about your team member. Will training them more help or not? From gut checks to hard facts, you deserve clarity about whether a change is needed to get the right people in the right places. 

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After building, growing, and selling multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses over the last 20 years, Mara now helps visionary entrepreneurs bring their business dreams to life with a combination of highly effective strategy, systems, and team. She helps you quickly uncover the modifications that will create time and mental space for you to take on more clients, save money, and fill team gaps so your business runs like butter, revenue increases, and you get to focus on what you love most. 

Mara knows what it’s like to burn out from growing a business with no expert support and is dedicated to helping you avoid that at all costs without sacrificing your big vision. Now, she’s sharing all her secrets to set your business up for phenomenal profit and growth without burning you out.

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“Mara is a business wizard and the real deal.”


“I wish I met Mara 3 years ago. I’d been needing someone that gets me, someone next level. It’s evident she shares my vision and I’m excited we’re on this journey together. This is where I’ve wanted to be.”


“We grew 300% in a month. There are NO words to encompass the magic that is Mara. In less than a year, she has helped us create organization where there was chaos, create better team and client experiences and accelerated our growth both personally and professionally. I needed to get out of the back end and be the face of my business to go out and sell. Doing that helped me to have one of my best months ever, and grow 300% in a month. Working with Mara will change your business and life.”


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