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The 10 most common sticking points that could be holding your business back so you can shift the dial forward

How to overcome the overwhelm that typically accompanies the stress of a stalled-out business with practical solutions and action items

The next step to take to un-stick your operation and bring your full business vision to life

Ready to go from stalled-out and stuck to growing and flowing again?

The 10 Most Common Things Keeping Your Business Stuck Is A Quick-Reading PDF Guide

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Inside, you’ll learn the 10 most common things we typically see holding business leaders and their operation back, and share the questions to start asking that will clarify which of these is the main sticking point for your business. You’ll walk away clear on what could be the culprit for your stalled growth so you can make changes that will help YOU scale to your next big business milestone – whether that’s $10,000 more per month or $10 million more per year. If you’re ready to get clear so you can get to growing again, I created this for you.




After building, growing, and selling multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses over the last 20 years, Mara now helps visionary entrepreneurs bring their business dreams to life with a combination of highly effective strategy, systems, and team. She helps you quickly uncover the modifications that will create time and mental space for you to take on more clients, save money, and fill team gaps so your business runs like butter, revenue increases, and you get to focus on what you love most. 

Mara knows what it’s like to burn out from growing a business with no expert support and is dedicated to helping you avoid that at all costs without sacrificing your big vision. Now, she’s sharing all her secrets to set your business up for phenomenal profit and growth without burning you out.

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“Mara is a business wizard and the real deal.”


“Working with Mara has streamlined my operations in a way I never dreamed possible. While I was slow to let go and embrace some of the changes, once I did it was a game changer for me!”


“We grew 300% in a month. There are NO words to encompass the magic that is Mara. In less than a year, she has helped us create organization where there was chaos, create better team and client experiences and accelerated our growth both personally and professionally. I needed to get out of the back end and be the face of my business to go out and sell. Doing that helped me to have one of my best months ever, and grow 300% in a month. Working with Mara will change your business and life.”


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